Science Gal, Zip, Gambon and Chara are the team C.A.V.E. And their advocate to PRIMUS is Ox (Lepidone Blard).

PRIMUS Advocate Report:

Recent events…

Wandering, The Dude, arrives in Millennium City while being pursued by villains. He seeks the help of CAVE. CAVE seems less than thrilled to assist the stoner hero and eager to have him leave. During the discussion, Millennium City Mall is attacked and CAVE w/ The Dude head over to defend the mall.

Chara fights, toe to toe, with Volcanon, defeating him after a furious battle in a fountain.

The Dude is drawn away from the battle and ends up missing. After an interrogation of Silvar and Volcanon, it’s revealed that any member of CAVE was the target.

It seems CAVE is more concerned with the public assuming The Dude is a member, than the well being of a fellow hero/citizen who’s been kidnapped.

They have been able to learn of the approximate location of an old DEMON base in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Mercs trained for the Mall Assault and assume Dude is being held here or at least some clues might be found here.

Now, they must figure out a way to get to the DEMON base, get inside, find Dude and/or clues and escape.


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